Niviuk Roamer P

kr 3.990,-


KarabinerCarabiner 30 mm


Denne siden vil snart bli oversatt. Teksten er kopiert fra leverandør sin nettside.

The Roamer P fits in your iPad case. Its ultralight design and size will delight lovers of lightweight equipment and Hike & Fly.

From anywhere, at any moment. The Roamer P will always be ready to take off thanks to its simple and efficient attachment system.

Lighter than ever, comfortable as always. With an ergonomic and adaptable design, the Roamer P brings comfort at the highest level within its category.

With the Roamer P there are no limits to your adventures. The ultralight Niviuk harness is ready to accompany you at all times thanks to its compact nature. In addition, its ergonomic design achieves the perfect balance between comfort and safety. Without doubt, this is a revolution for lovers of lightweight equipment.

Main features:

1. Ultralight.
The use of Dyneema as a base material makes the Roamer P one of the lightest harnesses on the market.

2. Easy to carry.
Minimalist design allows you to store and transport the Roamer P in a tiny bag.

3. Comfortable.
Its ergonomic design with separate legs loops adapts perfectly to the body, providing excellent load distribution and avoiding any pressure points.

4. Easy to use.
Colour-coded attachment system for faster, more intuitive and safer adjustment and connection to the wing.

5. Compatible with IKS3000
This light connection system between the harness and Niviuk risers allows you to replace traditional carabiners and maillons; reducing the weight of the connect equipment by more than 80% - with the same safety guarantees.

6. Safety.
Reinforced Dyneema webbing at attachment points and the possibility of integrating a parachute by connecting the Front Rescue Container.

7. Versatility.
The Roamer P can be used independently or combined and connected to the Kargo P 25 rucksack.