Niviuk Roamer 2

kr 7.990,-


KarabinerCarabiner 30 mm


Denne siden vil snart bli oversatt. Teksten er kopiert fra leverandør sin nettside.

Based on an idea of total comfort and performance, the Roamer 2 incorporates a new and effective system of load distribution which adapts to the pilot at all times.

It is not only a better harness, but an improved rucksack as well. A modern look, innovative technology and ease of carrying were the guiding principles behind this ergonomic design.

Less weight and volume, with more strength and much more performance. The perfect option for any adventure.

The Roamer 2 is the second generation of the reversible Niviuk harness. It was conceived with the idea of total comfort and performance. Its light weight and compact volume, coupled with an ergonomic design, ensures optimum load distribution and a complete fit to the body. The Roamer 2 is the perfect choice for all pilots who are looking for a comfortable harness that is easy to carry and which provides maximum safety at all times. Your ideal companion for any mountain flying.